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Stowaway Tilt Table (Warehouse or Jobsite Use)

Stowaway Tilt Table (Warehouse or Jobsite Use)

Stowaway Tilt Table (Warehouse or Jobsite Use)


A FULL-SIZE CUTTING TABLE The Stowaway is available with a generous work surface of 69-1/4" x 96" [176 x 244 cm] and a rugged, long-lasting felt top designed to reduce vacuum stick when used for cutting glass or other nonporous materials. High-strength construction provides durability without excess weight. Crossed support legs ensure a rigid and stable, 35" [89 cm] high work surface with a 500 lb [225 kg] load capacity.

AN EASY-TO-USE TILT TABLE The scissor-action tilt design of the Stowaway floats the pivot point forward as the top lifts, providing nearly effortless manual tilt . . . without the extra weight of a counter-balanced system. Nylon washers make movements smooth and quiet. Nylon rollers support glass, laminate or other sheet materials when tilted and can be moved out of the way when not needed.

THE STOWAWAY TILT TABLE Fold up the base section and pull back the stabilizing arm to lock the base into place . . . ready to stow or roll. With its compact, 25-3/4" [66 cm] deep x 79-3/4" [203 cm] high profile, the Stowaway is easy to stow against a wall, roll along narrow aisles, slip through doorways, and fit on freight elevators. Weighing 414 lbs [188 kg] (with optional factory-supplied work surface), it can even be transported to a jobsite. Used as a rack for glass or other sheet materials, the Stowaway can be loaded from the front or from the side! Sheets roll easily and gently across the nylon support rollers.

Assembly required.

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