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ERVIN SALES GROUP ADDS ITALIAN MACHINERY LINE We are very proud to announce a new complete line of quality Italian Glass Fabrication Machinery. ERVIN will now be supplying products from Baretta, OCS Glass, Delta and Duezeta. This will give our customers some fantastic choices on some of the best glass fabrication and handling machinery available today. Baretta/OCS Glass has a complete line of cutting tables, cutting lines, glass storage, IG lines, complete line of IG equipment, water filtration systems, and CNC routers. Delta brings to the table a complete line of edgers, bevelers, pencil Edgers, shape beveling machines. Duezeta offers a very wide array of diamond metal bonded drill bits and countersinks, diamond resin bonded wheels, diamond metal bonded wheels, elastic polishing rubber wheels, natural and synthetic felts, and cerium oxide powder. With this powerful line up look for big things in the near future from ERVIN.
ERVIN WELCOMES QUATTROLIFTS PRODUCTS Quattrolifts has a very versatile range of both warehouse and job site glass handling equipment. It was through a working relationship with Pilkington Glass that director Rick Carlei identified the greatest cause of injuries to workers in the glass industry, the manual handling of large and heavy plates of glass. Over a period of five years with imput from the glazing industry, Rick would develop four unique products that have greatly improved glass handling safety. The Nomad and Express units are used on the job site and allow safe transporting, lifting and setting of large and heavy plates of glass. The Mule and the Horizon are warehouse based units that will make any shop more efficient and safer as well. The Quattrolift products are very well thought out pieces of equipment and ERVIN is very pleased to be able to now offer them to our customers. Safe glass handling should be right at the top of any glass companies list and the line of Quattrolifts will help keep glass workers safe and injury free. To learn more about Quattrolifts please visit our glass handling tab and find what product is right for you. Feel free to contact us for additional information and pricing.
ERVIN WELCOMES WOOD'S POWR-GRIP...Ervin has added to it's ever growing group of high quality products with the addition of Wood's Powr-Grip suction lifters and movers.  Since 1964, Wood's Powr-Grip has provided innovative equipment which uses vacuum to lift, hold, and position nonporous materials, including glass, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, stone slabs, and appliances.  They offer a broad range of hand held vacuum cups, vacuum mounting cups and below the hook vacuum lifters to make material handling easier.  Whether your application requires standard or custom designs, let them put their expertise to work for you.  For all of your Wood's products please feel free to contact us and start improving the productivity and safety of your workplace.
Laminating without Autoclave
LAMINATING WITHOUT AUTOCLAVE...Ervin has been burning the midnight oil to release a new line of laminating machines that can operate without the use of an Autoclave.  This is huge news in the glazing world as laminating glass has always required a large line with a very expensive Autoclave, and this has put producing laminated glass out of reach for many fabricators.  NO MORE, Ervin has an array of machines that operate with the new popular EVA films or the old standby PVB films.  We are very excited to be bringing these machines to market, testing has been ongoing in Europe for the past 8 months with great results.  Our manufacturer has just received a CE rating and we are able to bring the machines to the states.  The machines have garnered a lot of attention and we already have orders in the books.  ERVIN will be stocking a large array of both EVA and PVB films for these machines.  Uses for these machines will span from custom designer applications, to commercial and bullet proof glass applications.  Really the only limitations will be your imagination.  And the best part is the machines will range in price from $25K to 75K, which should allow almost anyone to get into the laminated market.  If you have any questions please let us know and we plan to release more information as we have it available.
ERVIN adds Amsoil Synthetics to our product line.
ERVIN adds Amsoil Synthetics to our product line. With the new addition of Amsoil synthetics we will be able to better supply our customers with maintenance products for their machinery. I believe we all know that the most important part of operating your machinery is the maintenance that needs to be done on a regular basis. To make your investment last a good long time and preform properly it is extremely important to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. ERVIN will now be supplying oils, lubricants, spray lubricants, grease, and a number of other products to keep your machinery running and looking great. We have thoroughly tested all of the Amsoil products and have been very pleased with the results we have received. Please visit of Maintenance Product tab to purchase these products.
New 12 Spindle Edging Machines
ERVIN introduces new 12 Spindle Edging Machines.  Ervin, has listened to our customers and we have introduce of new 12 spindle edging and edging/miter machines.  Our customers were demanding quicker polishing times with the best edge work possible and we have delivered.  Our new 12 spindle machines are using 4 felt wheels (2 felts for the bottom edge of the glass, and 1 for each side arris), this allows our customers to run their glass at a very high speed and get a polish as good as there is in the industry.  We have several of these machines currently in operation and are enjoying great success.  As with all of our machines, there are all the upgrades and features that are customers are looking for.  Increased production and a better finished product are definitely a good thing and our new line of 12 spindle machines deliver.  Please feel free to call or email us for more information about this great new product.
New Glass Handling Products
ERVIN taking the next step to keep glass workers safe! ERVIN has introduced our new glass handling products to the company line. It is with great pleasure that we here at ERVIN have released a complete line of glass handling products to improve the safety of the modern day glass workers. With the huge popularity of heavy glass shower doors, along comes the large task of fabrication companies and glass shops alike in handling very large sheets of 3/8" and 1/2" annealed glass. It is now more important then ever to use the proper tools and equipment to handle these lites of glass safely and efficiently. The last thing an empolyer wants is to have an employee injured on the job, that is why it is ever so important to make sure you as employers are doing all you can to keep your workers safe and injury free. The new products that ERVIN has introduce not only do this but also will greatly improve your efficiency as well. Please visit our GLASS HANDLING section to see the new line of products that can greatly enhance your company.
Beijing Glass Show Trip

Annual Beijing Glass show trip.  ERVIN has returned from our annual China Glass trip and we were able to find some very innovative products.  The Chinese manufacturers have really come a long way in producing very high quality machinery and there was much to be seen at the trade show.  ERVIN has made some new alliances to introduce new products to our current line of machinery.  You can expect to see in the near future, Water Jet machines, Window and Insultated Glass machinery, as well as Glass Handling machinery.  We were able to find the quality of product that we have built our reputation on and have signed exclusive agreements to sell these products to the US market.  Please check our website often as we will have these products up and available to all of our customers very soon.  Overall the trip to Beijing was well worth the effort and we at ERVIN are very excited about the new offerings we will soon have to our customers.

V2 Cerium Polishing Wheels
V2 polishing wheels to be standard on all ERVIN 4 and 5 spindle polishing machines.  Ervin is very happy to annouce the addition of the V2 polishing wheels to the Ervin line of machinery products.  We will be using these wheels on all arris motors for our 4 and 5 spindle polishing machines.  Universal Photonics maker of the V2 wheel has come up with a cerium polishing wheel that will cut and polish and arris in the same pass.  This is a great new addition to any polishing machine.  Now you have the ability to get a great polish with the smaller 4 and 5 spindle machines that are very popular in the market today.  The V2 wheels produce a very high polish and have a long usage life.  If you are looking for a 5 spindle machine that will produce a high end polish, please contact us and learn more about an ERVIN 5 spindle polishing machine with V2 polishing wheels.
Cerium wheel polishihg machines
Cerium wheel polishing machines gaining in popularity. Cerium impregnated wheels have long been used in all types of polishing machines with varied results. Within the last 5 years the cerium wheeled machines have really given the felt wheeled machines a run for their money. Manufacturers are producing better and better cerium wheels that are very close or just as good as thier felt wheel counterparts. The most obvious and greatest benifit of the the cerium wheel is that it does not need to have a wet cerium powder to produce its polish like the felt wheels must use. It works with straight water or a mixture of water and collant. This greatly reduces the cleanup and maintenance on the machines. Wet cerium mixture is very corrosive and requires a lot of work to keep the machines in top running condition. We are all always looking for ways to make our jobs easier and the cerium wheels for todays polishing machines do just that. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about cerium impregnated polishing wheels.
5 Spindle Polishing Machine
ERVIN has introduced a 5 spindle polishing machine. Developed especially for the small to medium sized glass shops. This machine is a great size for a shop that have limited space, but are looking for more performance then a 2 or 4 spindle machine can provide. By adding one additional polishing wheel ERVIN's 5 spindle machine puts out a very nice polish and has many a happy customer with its performance. Please check out featured products for this great machine.
ERVIN in China for training
Bret Ervin and technician Ramiro Hernandez have returned from a 9 day training trip to the Guangdong province of China. While in China they were able to gain valuable experience in the assembly and trouble shooting of glass processing machines. There main focus this trip was on PLC controlled polish/miter machines and beveling machines. The PLC controlled machines are gaining in popularity for their ease of operation and very short learning curve. These machines can be view at the following link Bret and Ramiro were also able to go through the list of upgrades that ERVIN will have on all machines including all stainless steel covers, oiling system for front and back tracks, height adjustment for entrance conveyor, and track roller for all racking systems. This was a great and worthwhile trip and ERVIN should be heading back to China early in 2008.


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