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Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

Forced Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

According to the convection heating theory, we adopt special designed convection fan and thermal circulation structure, besides, we apply some other advanced technology, all of which roll into one that speeds the glass heating and improves production efficiency and products quality. The advantage is more distinct when processing Low-E glass. All MT series tempering furnace can adopt this force convection system.

Main technical features:

Special design of the convection fan makes the high temperature capability more reliable and ensures excellent convection effect.

The advanced convection circulation structure makes the heating speed higher and the glass heating more homogeneous.

The special and reasonable arrangement of the heating elements, together with the advanced temperature control module, and PID power adjustment, make the temperature controlling extremely precise, adjustment easier and the oven-temperature more homogeneous.

The speed of convection fan controlled by inverter is set by computer, which ensures homogeneous heating for upper and lower glass surfaces, and improves the products quality greatly.

Inside the oven, we adopt high quality material to avoid any bits which may affect the glass quality.

Double belts for transmission and world famous brand ceramic rollers make the running more synchronous and quality higher.

The thermal circulation from the convection fan is inside the oven, so the thermal losses can be avoided greatly.

It has strong processing ability and higher efficiency. Various kinds of glass can be processed such as float glass, patterned glass, Low-E glass, etc. The minimum E-value can be 0.03 for Low-E glass.

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