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Quattrolifts Omni 1200

Quattrolifts Omni 1200

Quattrolifts Omni 1200

Omni 1200

Quattrolifts have also released the Omni 1200. It has been designed to easily attach to the forklift tynes. The Omni 1200 comes with a remote control allowing for horizontal tilting with an electric actuator.

The Omni 1200 is a reliable, efficient and safe method of handling nearly any smooth, nonporous material, including glass, metal, stone, plastics and laminates.

The Omni 1200 has the following features as standard:

Omni 1200lb  lifting capacity

Remote control electric horizontal tilt to 90 degrees

360 degrees manual rotation

Easily secures to forklift

Double vacuum system

Safety chain

Options include:

Vacuum cups for curved glass

Vacuum cups for stone

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