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CNC Glass Corner Edging Machine

CNC Glass Corner Edging Machine

CNC Glass Corner Edging Machine

ERVIN Glass CNC Corner Edging Machines:

Quality machines at an AFFORDABLE price, gives you the best value in the industry.  Our heavy duty glass CNC corner edging machines are suitable to edge and polish corners of any glass or mirror products.  The machines are designed considering the long term working period, with very user friendly operations and all come with a 1 year warranty.


For window and door glass, commerical glass, furniture glass, appliance glass, electronic balance glass, ect.

CNC Functions:

PC based numerical control, can edge/polish two corners at the same time, ideal for batch & scatter glass.  The single spindle can handle both grinding and polishing operations.  Easy to operate Windows interface.


* Spindle quantity: 1

* ABB german design spindle motors

* Glass thickness: 3mm - 12mm

* Min glass size: 600mm

* Max glass size: 1970mm

* Power: 220V or 480V 3phase 60hz

* Weight: 1500kg

* Dimensions: 1400mm x 1600mm x 2300mm

* Radius: <80mm

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