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Air Compressor Dryer

Air Compressor Dryer

Air Compressor Dryer

SE series refrigerated dryer(1-90Nm3/min) SE series refrigerated dryer can remove the moisture in the compressed air system, improve performance and protect equipment and tools

Main features

Low pressure dew point degree C high working pressure , max 16 bar compact design , simple operation.

Environment protected refrigerant R134A and R407C are be used.

Function Compressed air enters the air-to-air heat exchanger and is pre-cooled by the chilled outgoing air.

The air then enters the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger where it is further cooled by the refrigeration system. As the air is cooled, water vapor condenses into liquid droplets.

The air and entrained water droplets then enter the separator where liquid water is removed. In addition, the air is filtered of all solid particles three microns and larger.

Clean, dry compressed air leaving the dryer minimizes maintenance and repair of pneumatic distribution, instrument and control, and actuation devices, reduces product contamination, and increases productivity.

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