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Quattrolifts Horizon 770 Auto Drive

Quattrolifts Horizon 770 Auto Drive

Quattrolifts Horizon 770 Auto Drive

Quattrolift Horizon 770 Auto Drive

The Horizon Auto Drive is a glass lifter designed for in shop use to assist workers to unload, rotate, transport, and lay large plates of glass flat onto a cutting table or tempering line. It has the lifting capacity of 660lbs. It can rotate glass measuring up to 180". The horizon has a 12 volt battery powered vacuum pump and 2 hydraulic rams.

The Horizon Auto Drive will allow one operator to lift glass and or an IG from a rack or truck and then index the glass to the horizontal and slowly and precisely lower it onto a table or into a frame. The Horizon will allow one or two people to do what use to require four to six people in the past with greater safety. This is perfect for settling IG's into a window frame to create a perfect seal.


*Lifts glass from vertical to horizontal
*Self propelled electric drive wheel
*Side shift function for precision
*Can be used for on-site glazing
*One man operation
*Lifts from horizontal to vertical
*12V vacuum system
*Loads trucks, edgework machines & furnaces


*All terrain wheels 330mm (13") diameter
*Outrigger legs to rotate larger lites indoors
*Window carrying frames to transport glazed windows

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