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Manual Rotator/Power Tilter Vacuum Lifter

Manual Rotator/Power Tilter Vacuum Lifter

Manual Rotator/Power Tilter Vacuum Lifter

With powered 90° tilt, continuous 360° rotation and a high-flow vacuum system for fast attach and release times, this Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter provides reliable performance in heavy-duty installations.

Vacuum lifter shown with optional Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer, Telescoping Vacuum Pad Arms and Individual Vacuum Pad Shutoffs.

Standard Vacuum Pad Spread: 29-1/4" x 59" [740 x 1502 mm]

Number / Size of Vacuum Pads: 8 / 9" [23 cm] diameter vacuum pads

Load Capacity: 1000 lbs [455 kg]

Weight of Vacuum Lifter: 306 lbs [139 kg]

Standard Operating Power: 12 volts DC, 54 amps

Apply / Release Times: 6 seconds / 4 seconds (approx)

Load Movement: Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with locking at each quarter point. Power tilt, 90° between upright and flat

Time for 90° Tilt: 17 secconds (approx)

Tilt Duty: 48 tilts per hour

Standard Features:
Rechargeable 31 amp-hour battery
Battery energy gauge
Battery charger
Green lift light
Movable control pendant
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum reserve tank
Vacuum line filter
Spring-mounted vacuum pads
Blow-off for quick release

Available Options:
Dual vacuum system (EO10DVS)
Vacuum loss warning buzzer (EO3VLW)
Individual vacuum pad shutoffs (CM1COWB)
Telescoping vacuum pad arms (CF3TAO)
Removable vacuum pad arms (CF2EAO)
Interchangeable vacuum pad frames (CF1IFO)
Movable vacuum pad mounts (CM2SCM)

Design Standards:
ASME B30.20-2006 (BTH-1 Design Category "B", Service Class "0")

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