Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does ERVIN install the machinery?
A. Yes, our pricing includes installation, training and a 12 month warranty (replacement parts)

Q. Where can I get spare parts for the machinery?
A. ERVIN stocks a full array of replacement parts for all of the machinery as well as wheels and bits. Note: The majority of parts are standard off the shelf items for many suppliers.

Q. Can I custom order machinery?
A. Yes, most of our machinery can be custom configured to match specific needs.

Q. Can I see the machines before I make my purchase?
A. Yes, ERVIN has a large number of machines in daily operation and arrangements can be made for viewing. And you are always welcome to our showroom.

Q. Does ERVIN offer financing and leasing of the machinery?
A. Yes, we work with several machinery specific agencies that offer both lease options as well as standard financing.

Q. Does ERVIN stock machinery?
A. Yes, we stock many of the most popular machines in our warehouse in Northern California

Q. Can ERVIN help me sell my old machinery?
A. Yes, we have a very large network of companies and will help our customers sell their old machinery.

Q. Will ERVIN consult with my company on machinery choices?
A. Yes, we will sit down with your team and review your needs and make sure that your company is fit with the right machinery.

Q. Does ERVIN provide after service care for their machinery?
A. Yes, we provide some of the best after service in the industry and will make sure your machine is running great now and well into the future.