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Quattrolifts Vector 1800

Quattrolifts Vector 1800

Quattrolifts Vector 1800

Quattrolifts Vector 1800

The Vector is designed to allow a glaziers to unload, transport and install large plates of glass with extreme precision. It has a lifting capacity of 800kg's (17600lbs) with a dual vacuum system designed for performance.

Handling glass plates and windows can be back breaker due to the weight and dimension of the plates, well not any more. With the Vectors self propelled mechanism, moving and rotating heavy loads is now extremely easy. The vector can move large panels of glass on a variety of angles, and will ensure the safety of your team in shop and on site.


*Capacity: 800kg (1760lbs)

*Hydraulic System: 24v / 1300 watts

*Battery: 2x 150 AMP HR

*Charger: 110-110V x 20 AHr

*Vacuum Pumps: 2 x 24V, 35 lit/min

*Vacumm cup range: 1170mm (45") x 1890mm (75")

*No-Load Lifting: 18mm/s (3/4 in/s)

*No-Load Climbing: 8% Gradient

*Machine Weight: 880kg (1936 lbs) Counterweights: 870kg (1914 lbs)

*Side Shift - 110mm (4.3")

*Hydraulic rotation: 180*

*Four front 450mm (18") wheels and two rear 450mm (18") wheels

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