IG Production Line
Automated PLC touch screen control Insulated Glass Production Line. Vertical production line for the fabrication and high volume production of Insulated Glass units.
Main Features:
*Full upright roller bearing track with upright panel rollers
*Stainless steel cabinet for glass washing and drying operation (Low E compatible)
*Light dectecion section for inspection of glass after washing
*Assembly section for glass and spacer bar system
*Plate pressing system for sheet glass IG for optimum seal
*Tilting unloading table for worker safety and ease of unloading large units
*Complete powder coated frame for long life and simplify cleaning
*Flat press can be spaced outl 500mm for cleaning and maintenance
The only true way to produce high volume insulated units
9 Spindle Glass Wave Beveling Machine
Automatic PLC Shaper
Panel Meter
EVA Glass Laminating machine (5 Layer)
Manual Rotator/Power Tilter Vacuum Lifter
Stowaway Tilt Table (Warehouse or Jobsite Use)
11 Spindle Glass Beveling Machine Delta (Italian)
Horizontal Glass Washing Machine (Large)