Forklift Boom

ERVIN Forklift Boom

Convert your forklift into a crane for transporting your glass cases. The boom telescopes from a starting length of 84" to a extended length of 147" for maximum adjustment of any load. The crane can adjust from 0* up to 45* of tilt to give additional clearance. Rugged heavy duty construction ensures long term durability.


*Capacity: 6,000lbs

*Length: 84" telescopes to 147"

*Hook positions: 30" to 147"

*Width: 26"

*Weight: 544lbs.

*Fork pockets: 7" x 2.5"

*Size of hook: 8" x 3-4"

*Distance between forks: 18" (center to center)

*Steel thickness 1/2"


*Double fork design

*Powder coated finish

*Fits most pallet forks

*Includes 2 hooks

*Install in seconds

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