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C-Frame Manual Rotators (Warehouse Use)

C-Frame Manual Rotators (Warehouse Use)

C-Frame Manual Rotators (Warehouse Use)

These Powr-Grip® vacuum lifters feature continuous 360° rotation and a unique design for moving materials into and out of upright cases.

Standard Vacuum Pad Spread: CFMR411LACS - 30" x 40" [762 x 1016 mm] CFMR49ACS - 27" x 37" [686 x 940 mm]

Number / Size of Vacuum Pads: CFMR411LACS - 4 / 11" [28 cm] dia. lipped vacuum pads CFMR49ACS - 4 / 9" [23 cm] diameter vacuum pads

Load Capacity: CFMR411LACS - 700 lbs [320 kg] CFMR49ACS - 500 lbs [225 kg]

Standard Operating Power: 120 volts AC, 50/60 hertz, 5 amps (Other voltages available)

Apply / Release Times: CFMR411LACS - 3 seconds / 2 seconds (approx) CFMR49ACS - 2 seconds / 1 second (approx)

Load Movement: Manual rotation, 360° edgewise with locking at each quarter point

Throat Depth: 19-1/4" [487 mm]

Standard Features: Multi-position lift shackle Green lift light Vacuum gauge Vacuum reserve tank Vacuum line filter Spring-mounted vacuum pads Industrial grade switches Twist-lock electrical plug Blow-off for quick release

Alternative Power Systems: DC power system (CFMR411LDCS or CFMR49DCS) Air (venturi) power system (CFMR411LAIRS or CFMR49AIRS) (Specifications may not be as listed above. Please contact us for more information.)

Available Options: Movable control pendant (EO9RP) Vacuum loss warning buzzer (EO3VLW) 12-Volt/DC vacuum back-up system (EO1DCB) Individual vacuum pad shutoffs (CM1COWB)

Design Standards: ASME B30.20-2006 (BTH-1 Design Category "B", Service Class "0")

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