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8" Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle (Audio Alarm)

8" Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle (Audio Alarm)

8" Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle (Audio Alarm)


•Durable metal handle and metal-clad plunger.
•Plunger emits an audible warning to the user and others, in the case of a vacuum loss.
•Fast attachment on smooth, nonporous flat surfaces.
•Red-line indicator provides user with visual warning of any vacuum loss.
•Low Vacuum Audio Alarm supplements visible red-line indicator with audible indicator, increasing peace of mind in circumstances that make it difficult to monitor the visual indicator.
•Ideal for use with Hand Cup Frames (VL2MAN, VL3000 and HF-6000) and other products that incorporate hand cups not held by the user.
•Advanced design automatically turns Audio Alarm on or off as necessary, eliminating power switch, increasing battery life and simplifying operation, as compared to competitors' products. •Comes complete with long-lasting, easy-to-replace AAA battery, to power Audio Alarm.
•Check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum. •Release valve lever permits quick and complete release.
•Supplied with protective carrying case.


•Vacuum Pad: Flat, 8" [20 cm] diameter (model G0695)
•Load Capacity: 125 lbs [57 kg] per vacuum cup
•Alarm Volume: 70 dBA at 36" [91 cm]
•Power Source: one AAA, 1.2-1.5 volt battery; automatic on/off function
•Battery Life: provides 30 hours of continuous tone

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