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KBK Overhead Glass Crane

KBK Overhead Glass Crane

KBK Overhead Glass Crane


The rolling bridge and hoist system can handle weights up to 5 tons.  The crane systems are supplied with complete drawings and installation per customer requirements.  The systems are supplied complete ready to assemble and install.

*Width is determined by customer specification and needs

*Length is determined by customer specifications and needs.

*The bridge is a bar which runs the length of the crane, and the hoist is a device which runs across the bridge and connects to the customer supplied terminal equipment (such as suction cup lifter or manipulator)

*Design allows for multiple bridges

*The supports can be freestanding or engineered to be connected to the building structure

*Painted finish

*Designed and fabricated to suit your factory needs

Quotes are sent with a detailed drawings for complete understanding of crane and footprint.



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