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Quattrolifts Nomad 880

Quattrolifts Nomad 880

Quattrolifts Nomad 880

Quattrolift Nomad 880

The Nomad is designed to assist glaziers to unload, transport and install glass safely.  It has a lifting capacity of 880lbs.  It can rotate glass measuring up to 180" and has adjustments to allow for side to top pocket glazing.

The Nomad has received the following awards: 2005 2nd place-Best solution for sprain and strain injuries.  WorkSafe Vic Australia Award; 2005 Finalist Engineers Australia Award; 2004 Invention of the year award.


  • Lifts and rotates large stock sheets
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Used by 2 people
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces OSHA risks
  • Used on construction sites
  • Installs glass into most frames


All terrain wheels (set of 4)
Outrigger legs
Window carrier
Horizontal brace
Diagonal brace
5mm cable
300mm vacuum cups
300mm vacuum cup brackets
Glazing guides

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