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Quattrolifts Mule 660

Quattrolift Mule 660

Quattrolifts Mule 660

Quattrolift Mule 660

The Mule is designed to assist glass workers to unload, rotate and transport large plates of glass in shop.  It has a lifting capacity of 660lbs.  It can rotated glass measuring up to 180".  The Mule has a 12 volt battery powered vacuum pump.

The Mule can rotate glass 360 degrees allowing long and heavy sheets of glass to be loaded onto an edgework machine.  The Mule will allow one or two people to do what use to require four to six people in the past with greater safety.  This is perfect for setting IG's into window frames to create a perfect seal.


  • Rotates Glass 360*
  • Handles long, narrow glass
  • Handles large stock sheets
  • DC Power vacuum pack
  • Small 24" footprint
  • Highly maneuverable
  • One man operation


300mm vacuum cups

6mm cable

Tall mast (2350mm)

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