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Water Filtration Machine (Mid)

Water Filtration Machine (Mid)

Water Filtration Machine (Mid)

ERVIN Glass Water Filtration Machines:

Quality machines at an AFFORDABLE price, gives you the best value in the industry.  Our heavy duty glass water filtration machines are suitable to remove sediment and glass frit from edging, beveling, and drilling machines.  The machines are designed considering the long term working period, with very user friendly operations and all come with a 1 year warranty.

Opertation of filtration system:

* Return water/coolant from the glass fabrication machine is filtered from the first section of the machines water tank

* Flocculant is used to aid the heavy frit to settle on floor of tank for easy processing

* Water/coolant is ran through multiple filtration systems to seperate frit and dirty water from the sytem

* Clean water/coolant is pumped back into the machine to start the process again

Machine operation:

The machine is able to operate in both automatic and manual mode.  The machine is controlled via Siemens touch pad to control all operations for ease of operator use.


*Flow Rate: 150 Liters per minute

*Tank Capacity: 1,000 liters

*Flocculant: Enprox powder

*Air pressure required: 6.0 bar

*Power required: 220V/480V 3phase 60hz (2-4KW installed power)

Water Filtration Machine for Glass Fabrication Machinery

*Improved edging and polishing quality

*Longer service life of machines

*Clear water promotes less maintenance required for machinery

*Environmentally friendly

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