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ERVIN WELCOMES QUATTROLIFTS PRODUCTS Quattrolifts has a very versatile range of both warehouse and job site glass handling equipment. It was through a working relationship with Pilkington Glass that director Rick Carlei identified the greatest cause of injuries to workers in the glass industry, the manual handling of large and heavy plates of glass. Over a period of five years with imput from the glazing industry, Rick would develop four unique products that have greatly improved glass handling safety. The Nomad and Express units are used on the job site and allow safe transporting, lifting and setting of large and heavy plates of glass. The Mule and the Horizon are warehouse based units that will make any shop more efficient and safer as well. The Quattrolift products are very well thought out pieces of equipment and ERVIN is very pleased to be able to now offer them to our customers. Safe glass handling should be right at the top of any glass companies list and the line of Quattrolifts will help keep glass workers safe and injury free. To learn more about Quattrolifts please visit our glass handling tab and find what product is right for you. Feel free to contact us for additional information and pricing.

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CNC Workstation
CNC Workstation 
CNC Workstations are the ultimate in glass fabrication. With multiple options of cutting wheels and abrasive wheels the ability to create any design and shape is possible.
Main Features:
*State of the art software such as UncGraphics, NX3.0, Mastercam 9.0, and integrating CAD/CAM
*Supports files in any format (pre/igs/scep/dxf/dwp/mldel)
*Utilizes Taiwan Advanced CNC developed by Mitsubishi
*Automatic tool exchange system
*Endless options for cutting, polishing and abrasives wheels
*High precision screw and guide rail *Yasakawa driver CNC system feeding the speed of X,Y,X axis
The top notch glass machinery fabrication equipment.





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